All the Fletch sounds are sampled at 11kHz.

Thanks to Michael Mann for providing the server space to make these sounds available.

ballbrng.wav (520K)

Mechanic #1: Whattya think? It's the by-pass line, right?
Fletch: I think it's the by-pass line, yeah.
Mechanic #2: Told ya...
Fletch: I'm gonna need some pliars, and a set of thirty weight ball bearings...
Mechanic #2: What?
Fletch: Yeah.. and... I'll tellya what. I gotta go to my truck. If Fred gets here before I'm back you can tell him to start without me.
Mechanic #1: What the hell you need ball bearings for?
Fletch: Oh, come on guys! It's so simple maybe you need a refresher course. It's all ball bearing nowadays. Now you prepare that Fetzer valve with some 3-in-1 oil and some gauze pads. And I'm gonna need about 10 quarts of anti-freeze. Preferably Prestone. No... no...make that Quaker State. And wash those windows... they've got filth and muck on them.

change.wav (193K)

Gail Stanwyk: I'm surprised to see you. What are you doing here?
Fletch: Ah, I ordered some lunch.
Gail: You ordered it here?
Fletch: Well, I knew this is where my mouth would be.
Gail: I really should change
Fletch: No... I think you stay the same wonderful person you are today.
Gail: I mean put clothes on...

corleone.wav (365K)

Fletch: I was supposed to meet Mrs. Cavanaugh here.
Dumb guy with gun: Who are you?
Fletch: I'm Don Corleone. Mrs. Cavanaugh's cousin. You know where she is?
Dumb guy: Moved out.
Fletch: Moved out? Isn't that funny. I just talked to her last week. She didn't say a thing about it.
Dumb guy: She moved out.
Fletch: So your saying she moved out?
Dumb guy: 'smornin'
Fletch: 'smorning? Gosh, we had so much to talk about. You know Moe Green is out of the Tropicana now, and my sons Mike and Fredo are taking over.

gracias.wav (74K)

Fletch: Give each other $20, okay? Put it on Underhill.
Waiter: Ahhh.. Muchas gracias.
Fletch: Tierra del Fuego.

kidneys.wav (182K)

(Sound of rubber gloves being put on)
Fletch: Say, you know my kidneys feel alot better in this position. Maybe its just that I'm not doing any calisthenics. You know, if I did some sit ups in the morning or bent over like this I'd probably feel 100 percent... Mooooon River.... phew...thank you, Doc. You ever serve time?

propostn.wav (421K)

Stanwyk: I'll give you $1000 cash.
Fletch: What?
Stanwyk: Just to come to my house and listen to the proposition. If you reject the proposition you keep the thousand.
Fletch: Does this propostion entail my dressing up as Little Bo Peep?
Stanwyk: It's nothing of a sexual nature, I assure you.
Fletch: Yeah, "I assure you."
Stanwyk: One thousand, just to listen? I don't see how you can pass that up. Mr.....
Fletch: Neugent. Ted Neugent..

rights.wav (126K)

Fletch: You fellas want to read me my rights?
Cop #1: You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to have your face kicked in by me. You have the right to have your balls stomped by him.(Cop#2 makes "kissing" sound.)
Fletch: I'll wave my rights.

spleen.wav (50K)

Doctor: You ever seen a spleen that large?
Fletch: Not since breakfast.

truman.wav (108K)

Fletch: Are you Mr. Marvin Stanwyk?
Mr. Stanwyk: Yeah.
Fletch: Hi there, I'm Harry S. Truman from Casewell Insurance Underwriters.
Mr. Stanwyk: Harry S. Truman?
Fletch: Yeah, well... my parents were big fans of the former president.

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