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South Park:
 Bigger, Longer 
& Uncut

All of the South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
sounds are sampled at 22kHz 8-bit mono .wav, or 128bit/44khz/Stereo .Mp3.   

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 sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  adams  .wav (184k)  .mp3 (135k)

American TV Anchor:  But, Mr. Minister, it isn't like this film is the first troublesome thing to come out of Canada.  Let us not forget Bryan Adams.
Canadian Film Minister:  Now, now, the Canadian Government has apologized for Bryan Adams on several occasions!

 sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  asale  .wav (150k)  .mp3 (107k)

Kyle's Mom:  Al, tonight is a very special night!  Do you know why?
Big Gay Al:  Oooh!  They're having a sale at Merv's?!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  billgates  .wav (219k)  .mp3 (161k)

Bill Gates
:  It IS faster!  Over five million.....(General Shoots him)

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  candy  .wav (133k)  .mp3 (97k)

Kyle:  Let me have some candy, Cartman!
Cartman:  Oh, let's see.....uh.....Nope, I don't have any Jewish candy!
Kyle:  Like you need all that chocolate, fat boy!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  comeup  .wav (209k)  .mp3 (152k)

Philip:  Say, Terrence!  What did the Spanish priest say to the Uranian Gynecologist?
Terrence:  I don't know, Philip!  What?  (Philip farts and they both laugh)
Stan:  Where do they come up with this stuff?!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  cryabout  .wav (401k)  .mp3 (291k)

U.S. Ambassador:  Uh, could you tell us again, what your argument is all *a-bout*?
Canadian Ambassador:  This is not a-boot diplomacy!  This is a-boot dignity!  This is a-boot respect!  This is a-boot realizing......(Everyone in the room is laughing at them)
Canadian Ambassador:  You guys are dicks!  Release Terrence and Philip, or we WILL give you something to cry a-boot!!   (Crowd laughs even MORE)

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  darkies  .wav (385k)  .mp3 (279k)

Army General:  .....the all important, first attack wave, which we will call "Operation Human Shield"
Chef:  Hey, wait a minute!
Army General:  Now keep in mind, Operation Human Shield will suffer heavy losses!  Battalion 14?  (Everyone raises hand)  RIght, you are "Operation Get behind the darkies!"  You will follow Batallion 5 here and try not to get killed, for God's sake! 

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  dickmouth  .wav (123k)  .mp3 (90k)

Terrence:  Oh Philip!  This is worse than the night I fell asleep, and you put your dick in my mouth and took a picture!
Philip:  I know, Terrence.  I know.

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  dig  .wav (55k)  .mp3 (40k)

The Mole:  We must dig from here, so as not to be seen!  Come on bitches!!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  findit  .wav (223k)  .mp3 (165k)

Stan:  Chef, how do you make a woman like you more than any other guy?
Chef:  Oh, that's easy!  You just gotta find the clitoris!

Stan:  Huh?
Chef:  Whoops!!

Stan:  What does that mean?  Find the clitoris?
Chef:  Uh....uh...forget I said anything!! 

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  fkwin98  .wav (32k)  .mp3 (24k)
(This is THE Windows Error Sound OF ALL TIME!  To all Mac users out there, this one's for you!  Viva La Resistance!)   

Army General:  FUCKING WINDOWS 98!!!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  foundit  .wav (134k)  .mp3 (98k)

Stan:  What....are you?
The Clitoris:  I am the clitoris!


sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  getclose  .wav (207k)  .mp3 (150k)

Satan:  Is sex the only thing that matters to you?
Saddam Hussein:  I love you!

Satan:  I want to believe that.
Saddam Hussein:  So what do you say we shut off that light and get close, huh?

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  griping  .wav (223k)  .mp3 (165k)

Cartman:  Shut off the power, Cartman!  This is very important, Cartman!  

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  heychef  .wav (51k)  .mp3 (38k)

Chef:  Hello there, children!
The kids:  Hey Chef!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  hiphop  .wav (84k)  .mp3 (61k)

Chef:  You ever hear of the Emancipation Proclamation?
Army General:  Oh, I don't listen to hip hop!!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  imsuper  .wav (328k)  .mp3 (238k)

Big Gay Al sings part of "I'm Super!"

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  itsevil  .wav (220k)  .mp3 (160k)

Canadian Film Minister:  The United States has graphic violence on television all the time!  We can't believe that a movie with some foul language would piss you off so much!
Stan's Mom:  BECAUSE IT'S EVIL!!
Canadian Film Minister:  CAN I FINISH?!  PLEASE, CAN I FINISH?........Ok, I'm finished.

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  joinarmy  .wav (231k)  .mp3 (168k)

TV Announcer:  ...Of course, the only way to SEE the USO show is to sign up for the Army!  So join the Army and KILL SOME CANADIAN SCUM as we continue....THE MARCH OF WAR!!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  kidfdup  .wav (28k)  .mp3 (21k)

Stan:  Damn, dude, that kid is fucked up!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  killkenny1  .wav (114k)  .mp3 (83k)

Stan:  Oh my God!  You killed Kenny!
Kyle:  You bastard!!
Cartman:  Wow!  I guess you CAN light a fart on fire, huh?

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  litefart  .wav (165k)  .mp3 (119k)

Terrence:  Want to see the northern lights?  (Strikes a match and farts)
(Both Laugh)
Philip:  Ah-hahaha!  You burned yourself to death by lighting your fart!  Ah-hahaha!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  mycrank  .wav (267k)  .mp3 (194k)

Satan:  It has come to be!  The four horsemen are drawing nigh! The time of prophecy is upon us!
Saddam Hussein:  I love it when you get all Biblical, Satan!  You know exactly how to turn my crank!

Satan:  No, I'm being serious!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  packing  .wav (69k)  .mp3 (51k)


sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  period  .wav (265k)  .mp3 (192k)

Mr. Garrison:  Well, your moms are just upset.  They're probably all on their periods or something.
Gregory:  Mr. Garrison, Wendy and I think that was a sexist statement.

Mr. Garrison:  Well, I'm sorry, Wendy.  But I just don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  poontang  .wav (119k)  .mp3 (87k)

Mr. Garrison:  Oh boy, I can' t wait for our first shore leave so I can get me some fuckin' poontang!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  risking  .wav (86k)  .mp3 (62k)

Gregory:  Get lots of sleep.  Tomorrow, we will all be risking our lives.....for freedom.

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  shtfaced  .wav (60k)  .mp3 (44k)

Philip:  Oh, you shitfaced cockmaster!
All the kids:  WOW!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  spears  .wav (130k)  .mp3 (95k)

Babysitter:  Now you all just sit there and keep your mouths shut, while I go listen to my Britney Spears records!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  suckball  .wav (388k)  .mp3 (281k)

Mr. Garrison:  How would you like to go see the school counselor?
Cartman:  How would YOU like to go suck my balls?
(The whole class gasps)

Mr. Garrison:  WHAT DID YOU SAY??
Cartman:  I'm sorry, I'm sorry, actually, what I said was....(grabs a megaphone and talks out of it)  HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUCK MY BALLS, MR. GARRISON?

Stan:  Holy shit, dude....

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  takerisk  .wav (107k)  .mp3 (78k)

The Mole:  You realize that by doing this, we could be grounded for two, perhaps even three weeks?
Kyle:  We're willing to take that risk!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  takeseat  .wav (96k)  .mp3 (70k)

Mr. Garrison:  Okay children, lets take our seats!  We have a lot to learn today!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  takeweeks  .wav (102k)  .mp3 (75k)

Kyle's Mom:  It is going to take us weeks to erase the damage this film has done to our children!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  thinkdik  .wav (259k)  .mp3 (188k)

Stan:  Hey Mole, you know where the clitoris is?
The Mole:
  Ze what?
Stan:  The clitoris!  I have to find the clitoris so I can get this Wendy girl to like me...!
The Mole:
  HEY!  You need to stop thinking with your dick!  You have to be on your toes!  Because I am NOT going to be grounded again!  Not for you!  Not for ANYBODY!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  ufailed  .wav (64k)  .mp3 (47k)

Gregory:  I see you failed in your mission.  I should not have sent a boy to do a man's job.  

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  vchip  .wav (326k)  .mp3 (236k)

Cartman:  Hey dudes...
Kyle:  What's the matter, Cartman?
Cartman:  It's this V-chip.  I hate it, I can't say any dirty words!

Kyle:  Really?  So you can't say fuck?
Cartman:  No.

Kyle:  And you can't say shit?
Cartman:  Nope.

Kyle:  So you can't say, "I'm Eric Cartman, the fattest fucking piece of shit in the world?"
Cartman:  Fuck you!  (V-chip shocks him)  Aaaaaaaagh!

Kyle:  Haha!  Sweet!

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  warwow  .wav (201k)  .mp3 (146k)

Winona Ryder:  What you're doing for our country is so cool!  I mean, war man!  Wow. know?  Wow.  

sound_icon.jpg (1425 bytes)  wherefind  .wav (105k)  .mp3 (77k)

Stan:  You guys!....Do you know where I can find the clitoris?
Kyle:  The what?
Cartman:  What?  Is that like finding Jesus or something?