All the Space Jam sounds are sampled at 11kHz.


assistan.wav (24K)

Bill Murray: Perhaps I can be of some assistance!

defense.wav (30K)

Bill Murray: Whoa-ho-ho! I don't play defense!

bugs.wav (38K)

Bugs: Hellooo, eh, my name is...Bugs!

easter.wav (25K)

Bugs: Eh, you were expecting maybe the easter bunny?

elmerlaf.wav (12K)

Elmer Fudd's famous laugh

care.wav (13K)

Bugs: Eh, what do we care?!

idea.wav (23K)

Bugs: Doc! You think that's a good idea?!

goingon.wav (10K)

Jordan: What's going on here?

gooddeal.wav (12K)

Monstar: Good deal, boss!

ever.wav (17K)

Tweety: Michael's the gweatest ever!

hot.wav (28K)

Tweety: Ooo! She's hot!

court.wav (98K)

Bugs: Ahem, you wanna play a little one-on-one, doll?
Lola: Doll?
Bugs: Ah-heh!
Lola: On the court...Buuugs!
Bugs: Sure!

baldie.wav (50K)

Monstar: You're all washed up....BALDIE!!
Jordan: Baldie?

deal.wav (57K)

Swackhammer: Do we have a deal?
Jordan: Deal.

cranium.wav (20K)

Tweety: Oh, my poor wittle cwanium!

werestop.wav (21K)
Makes a great error sound

Daffy: Wait a minute, we're stopping! What is this?

siralt.wav (22K)

Marvin the Martian: Precisely, Sir Altitude!

badnews.wav (77K)

Marvin the Martian: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, your airness, but if you don't find a fifth player, your team will forfeit the game!

nuts.wav (11K)

Jordan: You guys are nuts!

skills.wav (17K)

Jordan: The girl's got some skills!

spy.wav (35K)

Swackhammer: It smells like a spy!!

uhoh.wav (8K)

Monstar: Uh-oh!

piece.wav (24K)

Jordan: You want a piece of me? Come and get it!

play.wav (13K)

Jordan: Let's play some basketball!

scared.wav (49K)

Tweety: You're not s..s..scared of them...are you, Michael?

mistake.wav (20K)
Makes a great error sound

Jordan: You guys are making a big mistake!

mind.wav (24K)

Swackhammer: What did you have in mind?

interest.wav (14K)

Swackhammer: Interesting!

life.wav (32K)

Bugs: Maybe there IS no intelligent life out there, after all!

lookin.wav (26K)

Monstar: What are you lookin' at?


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