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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

All of the Star Trek VI sounds are sampled at 11kHz mono wav or 128-bit Stereo MP3.

1strule.wav (34k) .mp3 (49k)

Kirk: First rule of assassination.....kill the assassin.

2ndstar.wav (337k) .mp3 (490k)

Chekov: Course heading, Captain?
Kirk: Second star to the right......and straight on till morning.

50years.wav (70k) .mp3 (101k)

Chief in Command: To break this information down succinctly, the Klingon empire has roughly 50 years of life left to it.

aboat.wav (66k) .mp3 (96k)

Kirk: What are we doing here?
Bones: Maybe they're throwing us a retirement party.
Scotty: That suits me!  I just bought a boat.

actnow.wav (118k) .mp3 (172k)

Kirk: The Klingons have never been trustworthy.  I'm forced to agree with Admiral Cartwright.  This is a.....TERRIFYING idea...
Spock: It is imperative that we act now to support the Gorkon initiative.

afford.wav (110k) .mp3 (160k)

Spock: The dismantling of our space stations and starbases along the neutral zone. An end to almost 70 years of unremitting hostility, which the Klingons can no longer afford.

ale.wav (84k) .mp3 (121k)

Klingon at table: Captain Kirk, I thought Romulan Ale was illegal.
Kirk: One of the advantages of being a thousand light years from Federation Headquarters.

allhear.wav (84k) .mp3 (122k)

Announcer: Now hear this! All officers to the bridge!  Klingon Battle Cruiser off the port bow.  All officers to the bridge!

arrest.wav (159k) .mp3 (231k)

Gen. Chang: Under article #184 of your "Interstellar Law," I'm placing you under arrest.  You are charged with assassinating the Chancellor of the High Council.

bigship.wav (51k) .mp3 (74k)

Bones: My God, that's a big ship.
Scotty: Not so big as her captain, I think.

breathing.wav (184k) .mp3 (267k)

Gen. Chang: To be, or not to be...That is the question which preoccupies our people, Captain Kirk. We need breathing room!
Kirk:  Earth. Hitler. 1938.
Gen. Chang: I beg your pardon?
Chancellor Gorkon: Well......I see we have a long way to go.

chimes.wav (52k) .mp3 (75k)

Gen. Chang: (chimes go off in the background)  Have we not heard the chimes at midnight?

choice.wav (52k) .mp3 (75k)

Bones:   What is this?  Multiple choice??

defiled.wav (141k) .mp3 (205k)

Gen. Chang: Have you not a shred of decency in you, Kirk?  We come in peace, and you BLATANTLY DEFILE THAT PEACE!  And for that, I shall blow you out of the stars!

deliver.wav (136k) .mp3 (197k)

Shuttle Pilot: Control, this is SD-103 approach to space dock, over.
Starbase Control: SD-103, you are clear to deliver Captain Kirk and party to NCC-1701 Alpha, over.

dictate.wav (90k) .mp3 (130k)

Adm. Cartwright: The opportunity here, is to bring them to their knees.  THEN, we'll be in a far better position to dictate terms.

didntfire.wav (71k) .mp3 (102k)

Kirk: We haven't fired!
Spock: Captain....According to our databanks, we have......Twice.

dogswar.wav (56k) .mp3 (82k)


feign.wav (149k) .mp3 (216k)

Gen. Chang: You DARE to feign ignorance!
Kirk: What happened?
Gen. Chang: With a direct torpedo hit, you crippled our entire gravitational field!  And two of your Starfleet crew beamed aboard wearing magnetic boots, and did this.

finallog.wav (469k) .mp3 (681k)

Captain Kirk: Captain's Log, Star Date 9525.1  This is the final cruise of the Starship Enterprise under my command.  This ship, and her history, will shortly become the care of another crew.  To them, and their posterity will we commit our future.  They will continue the voyages we have begun, and journey to all the undiscovered countries, boldly going where no man....where no one has gone before.

finished.wav (88k) .mp3 (128k)

Bones: (Sighs)  Three months before retirement....What a way to go.
Kirk: We're not finished.
Bones: Auhh? Speak for yourself.

fireoff.wav (27k) .mp3 (39k)


forgive.wav (146k) .mp3 (213k)

Captain Kirk: Captain's Log, Star Date 9522.6  I've never trusted Klingons....and I never will.  I can never forgive them for the death of my boy.

gotohell.wav (302k) .mp3 (438k)

Uhura: Captain,  I have orders from Starfleet Command.  We are to put back to space dock be decommissioned.
Spock: If I were human, I believe my response would be....Go to hell......If I were human.

guesswho.wav (27k) .mp3 (39k)

Chekov: Guess who's coming to dinner.

idoubt.wav (47k) .mp3 (69k)

Spock: I doubt that our own behavior will distinguish us in the annals of diplomacy.

kissdyou.wav (40k) .mp3 (58k)

Kirk: I can't believe I kissed you!
Martia (in the form of Kirk): Must have been your lifelong ambition!

klngskpr.wav (118k) .mp3 (171k)

Chancellor Gorkon: You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have heard it in the original Klingon.
Gen. Chang: Haha!  (Says "To Be, or Not to be" in Klingon)  (I'm not gonna even ATTEMPT to spell it out in Klingon..hehe)

knees.wav (90k) .mp3 (131k)

Kirk: I was lucky that thing had knees!
Martia: That was not his knee.....Not everybody keeps their genitals in the same place, Captain.

letthemdie.wav (113k) .mp3 (165k)

Kirk: They're animals!!
Spock: Jim, there is a historic opportunity here.
Spock: They are dying...

literally.wav (85k) .mp3 (123k)

Chief in Command: Those men have literally saved this planet.
Federation President: Yes, Bill, I know that.  And now they're going to save it standing trial.

meaning.wav (25k) .mp3 (37k)

Azetbur: What's happened?!  What's the meaning of all of this?!

mylast.wav (273k) .mp3 (396k)

Spock: This will be my final voyage aboard the Enterprise as a member of her crew.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  I intend you to replace me.
Lt. Valeris: I can only succeed you, sir.

needno.wav (254k) .mp3 (368k)

Klingon Spokesperson: This is (undecipherable), speaking for the Klingon High Command.  There has been an incident on Praxis, however, everything is under control.  We have NO need for assistance. Obey treaty stipulations, and remain outside the neutral zone.  This transmission ends now. 

nixon.wav (46k) .mp3 (67k)

Spock: There is an old Vulcan proverb...."Only Nixon can go to China."

notears.wav (213k) .mp3 (309k)

Scotty: I bet that Klingon bitch killed her father!
Spock: Her own father?
Lt. Valeris: It is an old story, sir.
Scotty: Yeh, they don't place the same value on life as WE do, Spock.  You KNOW that.  Take my word, she did not shed one bloody tear!
Spock: Hardly conclusive, Mr. Scott, since Klingons have no tear ducts.

protest.wav (63k) .mp3 (91k)

Adm. Cartwright: I MUST PROTEST!  To offer Klingons safe haven within Federation space is suicide!

remindyou.wav (228k) .mp3 (332k)

Kirk: Thank you, Lieutenant.  One quarter impulse power.
Lt. Valeris: Captain, may I remind you that regulations specify thrusters only while in space dock?
Spock: (Clears his throat in disapproval at her remark.)
Bones: Jim?
Kirk: You heard the order, Lieutenant.
Lt. Valeris: Aye, sir.

request.wav (49k) .mp3 (71k)

(An excellent error sound)

Spock: Please notify Starfleet Headquarters.  Tell them precisely what has taken place and request instructions.

revenge.wav (100k) .mp3 (145k)

Gen. Chang: Tickle us, do we not laugh?  Prick us, do we not bleed?  Wrong us.....shall we not revenge?

savedciv.wav (74k) .mp3 (107k)

Kirk: Once again, we have saved civilization as we know it.
Bones: And the good news is, they're not going to prosecute.

screwup.wav (26k) .mp3 (38k)

Kirk: Please let me know if there is some other way we can screw up tonight.

shields.wav (78k) .mp3 (71k)


shutup.wav (54k) .mp3 (78k)

Bones: I'd give real money if he'd shutup!

spcwarr.wav (33k) .mp3 (48k)

Gen. Chang: In space, all warriors are cold warriors.

standown.wav (101k) .mp3 (148k)

Kirk: Did it occur to you that this crew is due to stand down in 3 months?  We've done our bid for king and country.  You should have trusted me!

status.wav (141k) .mp3 (205k)

Gen. Chang: Dr. McCoy....Would you be so good as to tell me, what is your current medical status?
Bones: Aside from a touch of arthritis, I'd say pretty good!

sululog.wav (199k) .mp3 (289k)

Capt. Sulu: Stardate, 9521.6, Captain's Log, U.S.S. Excelsior...Hikaru Sulu commanding. After three years, I have concluded my first assignment as master of this vessel.  Cataloging gasses, planetary anomalies in Beta quadrant.

surrender.wav (47k) .mp3 (68k)

Kirk: Signal our surrender.
Uhura: Captain?!

takecare.wav (136k) .mp3 (197k)

Capt. Sulu: Captain Kirk!
Kirk: Captain Sulu!  As much to the crew of the Enterprise, I owe you my thanks.  
Capt. Sulu: Nice to see you in action one more time, Captain Kirk.  Take care.

takeweeks.wav (244k) .mp3 (355k)

Spock: Mr. Scott, I understand you're having difficulty with the warp drive. How much time do you require for repair?
Scotty: There's nothing wrong with the bloody thing....
Spock: Mr. Scott, if we return to space dock, the assassins will surely find a way to dispose of their incriminating footwear, and we will never see the Captain or Doctor McCoy alive again.
Scotty: Could take weeks, sir.
Spock: Thank you, Mr. Scott.

theymeet.wav (196k) .mp3 (284k)

Chancellor Gorkon: And this is General Chang, my Chief of Staff.
Gen. Chang:
I have so wanted to meet you, Captain.
Kirk: I'm not sure how to take that.
Klingon: Sincere admiration, Kirk.
Gen. Chang: From one warrior to another.
Kirk: Right.

topclass.wav (103k) .mp3 (151k)

Spock: The Lieutenant was the first Vulcan to graduate at the top of her class at the Academy.
You must be very proud.
Lt. Valeris: I don't believe so, sir.
Bones: She's a Vulcan, alright.

vouched.wav (118k) .mp3 (172k)

Chief in Command: But they'll think twice about attacking the Enterprise under your command.
I have personally vouched for you in this matter, Captain.
Kirk: You?....Have personally.......VOUCHED?

wisdom.wav (83k) .mp3 (120k)

Spock: the beginning of wisdom, Valeris...Not the end.

withyou.wav (54k) .mp3 (79k)

Bones: What IS it with you, anyway?
Still think we're finished?
Bones: More than ever.

youwill.wav (172k) .mp3 (251k)

Chief in Command: You will extend Chancellor Gorkon full diplomatic courtesy, Captain Kirk.
But a full ambassador would be better equipped...
Chief in Command: If there is no further business, I wish you and your crew Godspeed.  Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.  I remind you this meeting is classified.


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