What you need to do to submit
sounds to The Movie Sounds Page

Thanks for your interest in submitting sounds to The Movie Sounds Page (TMSP). I get a lot of mail from people interested in submitting sounds, and so I added this page to the site to make it easier to handle submissions. Following these steps will result in a little more effort on your part, but will make it easier for me to handle what comes in, and easier for your submitted sounds to actually appear on the site.

Submission criteria

First, and most important: Only submit sounds from Movies. As funny as they may be, I can't use sounds from "The Simpsons", or from SNL, or from cartoons... from anything that's not a theatrical movie.

There are three basic categories for submissions:

  1. Submitting an entire movie. - This would involve submitting between 8 and 20 sounds from an individual movie that is not currently available on TMSP. It will take 4 to 8 weeks for submissions to be posted, as I have to first find people willing to host the sounds on their servers.
  2. Submitting additional sounds from a movie that has it's own page on TMSP already. These sounds should appear in 2 to 4 weeks, depending on availability of server space.
  3. Submitting individual sounds from movies that do not already have their own TMSP section. These sounds would appear in "Other Movie Sounds." or as Mystery Sounds. Again, these sounds should appear within 2-4 weeks.

    Please be discriminating in what you choose to submit. Don't send in your entire collection. Pick and choose only the very best sounds in both content and sound quality. I also prefer to get sounds that aren't available elsewhere. If most of your collection was downloaded from alt.binaries.sounds.movies, chances are I already have the same sounds, or someone else has already sent them to me.

Submission Instructions

If you don't know how to follow these directions, please don't write and ask me how to zip files or convert sounds or how to use FTP. The software instructions will often tell you what to do, or you can ask your provider, or read the various FAQs available. 

Here are the general criteria for submitting all types of sounds:

  1. All sounds should be in 11kHz/8bit/mono .wav format
    Use conversion software available on in the Tools Section to convert the sounds, if necessary.
  2. All sounds should have descriptions.
    Believe it or not, I haven't seen every movie out there, so please indicate what movie the sound is from. And it's also a lot of work writing out the dialogue for the movies that are added each week. I'll have to do the same for your sounds, so it'll help me out alot if you can do as much of that work as possible ahead of time. I need a text file included in the .zip file you submit that contains the written dialogue for each sound. There's a template at the bottom of this page that you should use to create these text files. If you don't send descriptions, I still may use your sounds, it'll just take me a lot longer to get them posted.
  3. Multiple sounds should be zipped together into a single file.
    All sounds, plus the text file with the descriptions, should be bundled together in a single .zip file. Zip-based compession software is also available in the Tools Section The only exception to this would be if you were submitting two entire movies for their own TMSP section. In this case, submit two .zip files. would contain the first movie's sounds and descriptions, would contain the sounds and descriptions for movie 2, and so on.
  4. Once you've sent it successfully, write me to let me know the sounds are there.

    Template for Descriptions: Please use the following template for descriptions. The following would be for a sound called "your.wav":

    your.wav (file size)
    From: Movie Title
    Character Name: (Actor name, if known) Then write out the dialogue.

    If you're submitting an entire movie's worth of sounds, just write the movie title once at the top of the page, not for each sound. Also, include a link to be used as a credit on the page containg your submissions. Your template would look like this:

    Movie Title
    Your Name.  Your URL.
    your1.wav (file size)
    Character Name: Then write out the dialogue.
    your2.wav (file size)
    Character Name: Then write out the dialogue.
    your3.wav (file size)
    Character Name: Then write out the dialogue.
    and so on....

    Now then, if you are ready to upload some sounds, roll up your sleeves, crack your knuckles, flex your mouse arm and

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    email comments

    The Movie Sounds Page is maintained by Tony Wittrien