All the Terminator 2 sounds are sampled at 11kHz.

Select the file name to download the .wav file, or the TrueSpeech preview to hear a preview in real time. You'll need to download and configure the TrueSpeech Audio Player for Windows or Mac to hear the real time previews.

anatomy.wav (135K)TrueSpeech
Sarah: Do you know what you're doing?
Terminator: I have detailed files on human anatomy.
Sarah: I bet....makes you a more efficient killer, right?
Terminator: Correct.

bad_day.wav (60K)TrueSpeech

Sarah: Anybody not wearing 2 million sunblock is gonna have a real bad day, get it!

calljohn.wav (193K)TrueSpeech

T1000: Call to John.
Sarah: (struggling) No...
T1000: I know this hurts... (crunching, moans) Call to John... Call to John now.
Sarah: Fuck you.

chill1.wav (12K)TrueSpeech

John: Chill out.

destroy.wav (72K)TrueSpeech

Terminator: It's in you nature to destroy yourselves.
John: Yeah, major drag, huh?.

fuckyou.wav (15K)TrueSpeech

Terminator: Fuck you asshole.

get_down.wav (54K)TrueSpeech

Terminator: Get down! (sound of shotgun blast).

get_out.wav (16K)TrueSpeech

Terminator: Get out.

hasta.wav (25K)TrueSpeech

Terminator: Hasta la vista, Baby.

helllive.wav (180K)TrueSpeech

Man: You son of a bitch... you shot me! (glass breaking) You crazy bastard!
Terminator: He'll live.

I_would.wav (103K)TrueSpeech

John: Listen, I gotta stop by my house. I want to pick up some stuff.
Terminator: Negative. The T1000 will definitely try to reaquire you there.
John: You sure?
Terminator: I would.

nproblem.wav (12K)TrueSpeech

Terminator: No problemo.

term6.wav (34K)TrueSpeech

John: You just can't go around killing people!
Terminator: Why?

term7.wav (23K)TrueSpeech

Terminator: I swear I will not kill anyone.

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